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How to Unlist and Remove number from Truecaller

Truecaller is a global phone directory having Caller id and call blocking features. Founded in the year 2009 at Sweden this service is of great use at it has helped us in tracing unknown phone numbers. Truecaller application is free of cost and available for all mobile operating system’s including Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Symbian OS. Truecaller also allows its users to maintain their privacy as users could easily unlist and remove number from Trucaller. Users could all also use this service without having a smartphone by visiting their website TrueCaller.com It also act’s as a caller id for unknown numbers and also filters spam calls by showing their spam values and allow us to block these numbers. More the number of spam score more would be the chances that it would be a spam or telemarketing call

How does it Trace Unknown Numbers?

Truecaller has a large database of phone number information collected from the users who installed Truecaller application in their smartphone. It asks its users for permission to safely upload contacts to their global collaborative directory and if allowed it will synchronize  your contact phone book. It also has a premium membership which gives you access to advanced features like who viewed your profile and add free application usage.

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There could be various privacy issues to people who do not want to share their contact details online or want to remove their wrong detail about  their Phone Number. Fixing this privacy issue truecaller gives its users facility to easily unlist and remove their contact detail from Truecaller Database.

How to unlist and remove number from Truecaller

To remove your contact name from truecaller, simply follow the below two steps:-

Step 1: Click on the link below to unlist your mobile number from truecaller.

Unlist Contact

Step 2: Enter the contact number along with the country code of the number you want to remove, fill the CAPTCHA code and finally press on Unlist button.

truecaller unlist

After getting successful confirmation of  submission of contact details, your number would be removed from the Truecaller Database within 24 hours. Once the number is removed people searching for your contact detail will end up with nothing.

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  1. i can not remove my number from truecaller. Its showing error “If you have registered an account with Truecaller, you need to deactivate it first in order to unlist. For more information please click”

    please help me out. Its urgent.

  2. humanbeingbeing

    That means, if we want to unlist our number, we can’t use truecaller thereafter? Or Can we use it?

  3. Even after unlisting my number on truecaller website. It still shows my name on other person’s phone when I make a call.
    I have never registered my number on truecaller

  4. how can i remove my number and my contact number in truecaller

  5. I have received a confirmation of success but my number is still not deleted from the truecaller directory what should I do

  6. How can I remove the payment details shared while buying premium from truecaller? Also if someone has searched me, as a premium member will I know who?

  7. How can I unlist my number without removing my account , I dont want to remove it because I need it . What do you suggest ?

  8. Hi! I’ve deactivated my True Caller account from my Android phone app, and unlisted form the web version. Would all my information be deleted now from True Caller including my Email address, phone number, name and gender ? Please tell. URGENT.

    Thank You

  9. I haven’t made any account on truecaller and when i search my nummber on truecaller it shows wrong name.

  10. After unlisting my number could any user find the names of my phonebook numbers.

  11. When I click on unlist it don’t work n I have deactivated my account too….plz help

  12. I have deactivated my account and tried to unlist. But when I clicked unlist, it marked all the text box in a blue colour with the unlist button turning into a small check. Does that mean I’m successfully unlisted or not?

  13. my old number which is 4 years old is now renwed to someone else by his her id proof but still its show my name in true caller id what to do please help i am not using that no now because it is not valid for me now…

  14. Thank You,, it was very helpful!

  15. AFTER REMOVING THROUGH MY MOBILE.. its still showin in case i search it from http://www.truecaller.com/
    is there any cure..

  16. I have filled the unlist from but still I haven’t got any confirmation message..please suggest what to do

  17. After i unlist my no in truecaller then someone put my no has spam it will go automatically

  18. How do i remove my number from spam list in truecaller.

    Kindly advice


  19. how do i unlist other contact which was accessed by truecaller ?

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