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TrueCaller : Trace Unknown Mobile Numbers

We often receive blank or spam calls from unknown numbers, instead of calling them back we try to find out who is the caller or it’s just a spam call which doesn’t need a callback. The service TrueCaller resolves this issue and helps to find out the details of unknown mobile numbers including the name of owner, place and service provider. Along with this Truecaller also displays you the contact details of unknown mobile numbers  before you pick the call. It acts like a caller id for your smartphone. It has a huge list of spammers on its database, which allows you to block calls from all numbers reported as spam by its users. Truecaller is available online as well as it supports all major mobile operating system such as Android,  Apple, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Symbian OS and can be downloaded easily from their Official website.

TruecallerImage courtesy: truecaller.com

How do Truecaller works?

Truecaller is a global directory for mobile phones. It uses the mobile phonebook of users having Truecaller installed to build the database of mobile numbers. During the installation on your device, it asks to synchronize  your contact list and  if allowed it gives access to upload your phone’s address book to their global database. Before, I share features of using Truecaller, let’s check out this video which could explain better about Truecaller Service.

Features Of TrueCaller app:

  • Find mobile numbers details from all over the world.
  • Block Unknown spam calls via Block list.
  • Find contact details of any person with just a name ( Paid service)
  • Make your Phonebook up-to-date with your friends latest address info, pictures and other details.
  • Act’s a Caller id (Check detail before answering unknown number)
  • Available for free download and supported by all major mobile operating systems.
  • Contact detail search facility also available online at their official website.

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