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Top 5 Free Operating System

There are a large number of the operating system available with Windows and Mac OS X widely used. But with the list of these paid there are also Free Operating systems with many features and fast processing speed. These operating systems are free and open source so you could download and try them as free Windows alternative. I have shared  a list of Top 5 Free Operating System which are lighter and faster than Windows and also offer pre-loaded software for everyday tasks.

1. Ubuntu :

Top 5 Free Operating System

Ubuntu stands first in the list of Top 5 Free Operating System. Most Linux-based Netbook work on Ubuntu which is the Best Open source Operating system  developed  by a worldwide team of expert developers. It contains all the applications you need  such as a web browser, office suite, instant messaging, media apps and many more. Today Ubuntu is used widely in desktop, Netbook and for managing servers

2. Fedora:


Fedora is the second most popular operating system in our list. Its is a General purpose OS build on Linux kernel developed by Fedora Project and sponsored by Red Hat. Fedora developers help their users to get the leading edge of  technology as the prefer to make upstream changes instead of applying fixes. Fedora has a short lifecycle as its new latest version is released after a few months of the old Release.

It includes Features like re-builder utility, RDF search, multiple driven front ends JMS messaging and much more.

3. Kubuntu


It is the official derivative of the most popular Ubuntu Linux but uses the KDE graphical environment instead of GNOME. Its key features include the universal document viewer – Okular, Kontact which let you access your email, LibreOffice and user-friendly default music player.

4. Jolicloud


Jolicloud is the best operating system for low memory powered netbook. It is built upon Debian and Ubuntu and is mainly used in systems with weaker specifications in terms of disk storage, screen size and memory. Developers of Jolicloud renamed it to Joli OS after the release of version 1.2

 5. Mandriva Linux


Mandriva Linux is a French Linux distribution distributed by Mandriva (formerly Mandrakesoft). It uses the RPM Package Manager and its base updates are released after 18 months and 12 months for its desktop updates such as window managers and web browsers.


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