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How to remove the hash (#) symbol in CM12 status bar

If you have installed CyanogenMod 12/ 12.1 on your android phone or tablet then you might have noticed the pound/hash (#) symbol in your status bar. It’s a new icon added to the status bar after the new root integration introduced in CyanogenMod. It appears whenever an application uses root permission. But people have soon started disliking this new feature, a user Cetkat on CyanogenMod forum wrote

I really wish there was a notification/status option to disable the #. I mean really, if you need a status reminder that you’re rooted. you probably shouldn’t be rooting your phone.

It’s just a tad unnecessary & takes up space. If CM could mod this in a future build, I’d be very grateful!

remove hash symbol in CM12

For people who want their status bar clean, we have some tweaks using which you could remove the hash symbol from status bar in CM 12 /12.1. There are two simple ways of removing this hash sign from your status bar. The first methods require you to flash a zip (installing SuperSU) file from a recovery mode and the second one requires you to install Xposed module for which you need to have Xposed Framework installed on your CM12/ 12.1

Method 1: Installing SuperSU

In this method, we are going to install SuperSU. SuperSU doesn’t have a hash (#) symbol in its status bar. I have also tested this way and currently using it on my CM12.1

  1. Download the SuperSU Zip file to install from here
  2. Boot Your Android phone into Recovery mode.
  3. Tap on  Install zip from Sd Card
  4. Browse the zip file you downloaded in step 1 and select it.
  5. After Installation is complete Reboot your device.

Method 2: Using Xposed module

If you don’t want to install the SuperSU then you have to install A Xposed module from the Xposed Framework. I would suggest you to go with method 1 but if you already have Xposed Framework installed on Your CM12/12.1 then go for the second method.

  1. Download the Disable SU Indicator module from here or you could also search for Disable SU indicator in the Xposed Framework.
  2. Install and Enable the Disable SU indicator Module.
  3. Reboot your device after the installation.

That’s guys Now you would have hash/pound (#) symbol removed from your CyanogenMod 12/ 12.1. If you got any problem while applying the above tutorial feel free to ask them in comments below. Your comments and feedback are valuable to us.

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