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How to remove shortcut virus from Pendrive and Memory card

Now a day’s Pen drives and Memory cards are the most used devices to transfer data such as movies, songs, documents etc but often  storage devices are infected by shortcut virus. If you connect your infected Pen drive to your system it will show files and folders having shortcuts. And in case you open the shortcut file or folder it would infect your whole system badly.

This post will help you to remove shortcut virus from Pendrive and Memory card and recover the files.  To remove the shortcut virus use the following steps.

Do not open the shortcut file or folder otherwise the virus could infect your system.

Step 1: Connect your Pen drive or memory card.

Step 2: Open command prompt. To open the command prompt press windows button + R . Enter the command cmd in Run and press enter to open the command prompt.

remove shortcut virus from pendrive

Step 3: Go to My computer and check out your Pen drive letter.

Step 4: To  remove shortcut virus from Pendrive type attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.* in the Command prompt. Don’t forget to replace the g with your Pen drive or memory card letter.

remove shortcut virus from pendrive

Step 5:  Press Enter button.

Step 6: Go back to your Pen drive or memory card. You would see both your original files and shortcut files.Delete all the shortcut and unknown files and copy your original files and folders to another drive.

Step 7:  At last format the Pen drive or Memory card. You have successfully removed shortcut virus from Pendrive and recovered the infected files in the Pen drive.

Tips to protect your pen drive from Virus

  • Keep your system up to date with the latest antivirus.
  • Update your antivirus program at regular interval of time.
  • Do not ever open the shortcut or virus file with the extension filename.lnk. it could badly harm your computer and could infect your other removable devices too.
  • Before opening any removable drive ( pen drive or SD card ) perform a deep scan of the removable drive.

Leave your valuable comments and if you find any difficulty in removing shortcut virus from Pendrive tell us we would help you.

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  1. Hello Harpreet ,

    I like your post. This post is useful for all peoples.I feel very good after getting your post.I also read your 7 steps and I use your tips to protect my pen drive from Virus.I share this post with my friends.

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    Mazid Irsad

  2. I want to remove shortcut virus from my Nokia Lumia 525.
    I don’t found the letter like g in attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.* using cmd in my ms-doc.
    Please tell me the letter for the sd card in Lumia.

  3. This is not working for me. When i use cmd, it doesn’t work. Please tell me ho i can make my memory card work

  4. Hai plz help me to remove shortcutvirus from my sd card
    i get that command for removing those virus but they show me this message path not found
    what can i do to remove that virus

  5. tnk you … it works…

  6. hi
    I try all type of method to delet uuuuuuuu.uuu file from my samsung memory card, but i can not remove it.
    Pls.. help me to remove it

  7. Thanks Harpreet! This helped me out a lot!

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