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How to Speed Ubuntu Startup (Disabling Startup Applications)

You might be fed up with the slow startup of your Ubuntu 14.04. If yes then this is the right post for you. This small tweak also works on Ubuntu 12.10 and 13.04. After this you would recognize the decrease in Ubuntu startup time. So just follow the guide to Speed Ubuntu Startup by Disabling Startup Applications.

Firstly let’s try to figure out what causes the slow performance of your Ubuntu Linux. Overtime when you install a lot of applications, these apps start every time you boot up your system increasing the number of startup programs. Startup programs is a list of programs and apps which after installing ads themselves to the list. These apps and programs are automatically started after the boot in background and eat up the resources. So in this tutorial we would these disable programs which would result in significant increase in Ubuntu Startup time.

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 Manage start-up applications:

speed Ubuntu Startup

Go in to your Unity Dash and search for Startup Applications. clicking it would open up a list of Applications. These are the applications which are automatically started once you boot up your Ubuntu. Now disable the applications which you think are not required to started up every time you boot in your Ubuntu. Simply uncheck the application and close.

speed ubuntu boot time

But wait, what if you need some specific application and want to decrease the startup time also, there’s a solution for you. You could delay the start time of that specific application. This will in return free up the resources on startup and the application would be loaded after some specific time. To do open the Startup Application list and chose the application you want to delay and click on edit. Now edit the command with a sleep option. For example if you want to set a delay of 20 sec then add the below command at the starting of the existing command.

sleep 10;


decrease ubuntu startup
So now the new command means the         will start after a delay of 20 second. you could change the time of other applications in the same way.

Stop Startup services using BUM

If you want to disable the background services starting at boot You could install Bum. Boot-up Manager shows up the list of services starting at boot and allows you to enable or disable them.

sudo apt-get install bum


stop startup services using boot up manager

Choose the services you don’t want on your system startup, uncheck them and click on Apply. Now you system would bot up a bit faster. You can enable these services back anytime if you do not delete.

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