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How to Recover Permanently Deleted files

Did u accidentally delete your file or folder without taking a backup? And after that you have emptied out your Recycle Bin too. If your answer is yes, Don’t worry you could get all your stuff back with a little effort. Thanks to the file recovery software Recuva which made this process easy and simple. In this guide, i will show you How to Recover Permanently Deleted files using Recuva.

 How Do Recuva works?

Whenever we delete a file or folder and even empty it from the recycle bin, windows do not actually delete the file From the hard disk it just removes the reference to the particular file or folder. By this process windows uses this space to write new files when needed. The space of the deleted file is shown as free space  to write new files.

Recuva is a Windows File recovery software wrote by the makers of popular CCleaner. Recuva is easy to use tool that allows to recover permanently deleted files. It could recover the various type of files including images, videos, documents, music etc. Recuva is very fast file recovery tool and gives result in minutes. It works in two modes a default mode to recover files which are very fast and a deep scan mode which takes a time to analyse every sector of the disk and makes file recovery of old files. If you can’t recover your file in default mode use the deep scan mode.

Recuva not only recover permanently deleted files from PC it can be also to recover permanently deleted files from removable devices including SD card, pen drive, Android, iPad etc.

Steps to Recover permanently deleted files

 Step 1: Download the free version of  Recuva from the Official website of Piriform Click here

Step 2: Install the application on windows. After installation wizard, you could directly start the application

Step 3: In the first window you need to choose the type of file you would like to recover.

recover permanently deleted files

Step 4: In the next window choose the desired location of the file from where you want to recover permanently deleted files. If you are not sure about file location simply choose the first option it would scan all the drives. In case you want to recover your files from the USB device or memory card choose the last option “In a specific location”

deleted file recovery software

Step 5: In next wizard click on the start button to scan deleted files. after some time you would be prompted to the scan result page. Here Files with RED button shows it has can not be recovered, yellow means the file have an average possibility to recover whereas a green sign shows that the file could be easily be recovered.

recover shift deleted files

Step 6: Tick the files you want to recover and click on the recover button. Choose the location to write recovered files.

You have successfully recovered permanently shift deleted files. If you face any problem in the tutorial let us know in comments.

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  1. The software detailed here seems to be very promising. One of the other utility that I found was Remo Recover.. However, before making its use I would like to have your suggestion about it…

  2. Hey Harpreet,

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  3. It’s really useful article to recover a deleted file from HDD or computer’s memory.

    I have got something more – Those who have lost important data from an Android device, they can recover it back even from the internal storage memory of an Android device.

    But at last, if we regularly note to backup our important data then we don’t have to get in these stuffs! So Do Regular Backups!!

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