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How to Get Extra Dropbox space for Free

Dropbox is a free service which gives 2 GB of cloud storage space allowing its users to sync their important files which could be easily accessed from any Dropbox installed Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone. It also allows to share files with friends. But the downside of Dropbox is that only 2GB of storage space is included in their free account. But with a little effort users could get extra Dropbox space for free without spending any extra penny.

I have compiled a list of tips which could help you to increase your cloud storage quickly and easily.

1. Dropbox Referrals

Get Extra Dropbox space for freeIt is the best way to get extra Dropbox space for free. For every single user who joins Dropbox with your referral link, you will be given extra 500 MB for free. You can get a maximum of 16 GB space through referrals which mean successful sign up of four people through your referral link would give you an extra Gigabyte.

Link: Dropbox Referral

2. Connecting Social Media accounts

By connecting your social media accounts to Dropbox, you would get 500 MB of free storage. By authenticating your Facebook and Twitter account, you would instantly get 125 MB for each connected account. Along with this, for following Dropbox on Twitter you are awarded 125 MB and sending them a one-line feedback message would also give you 125 MB more.

Link: Connect Social Media accounts

get extra dropbox space for free

 3. Getting started with Basics

Going through the ‘Get Started’ guide of Dropbox would give you another 250 MB free storage space. This tour includes simple steps; some of which you would probably have already completed through the usage of Dropbox service.

Link: Get started Guide

get extra dropbox space for free

4. Using Camera upload 

Camera upload feature can give you a max of 3 GB Free Dropbox space if you upload your camera photos directly from the camera, tablets or mobile devices to Dropbox. Uploading your first photo would reward you 500 MB and the rest of space is bumped as soon you upload more photos via Camera Upload Feature. This feature is available on iOS, Android, and Windows application.

Link: Camera Upload Feature

 5.  Using Mailbox for iOS: 

Dropbox gives additional 1 GB of free space for connecting your Mailbox app on your iOS device with Dropbox.F

Link: MailBOX for iOS

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