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Best 3g WiFi Data cards (Dongles)

If you always want to be connected to the internet on all your devices you need a 3G WiFi data card. No matter  where you are, be it your home, office or travelling just plug up this WiFi dongle in a USB adapter and yes you are ready to be connected to the internet world. Sounds great! right, but wait there is another plus point of these data cards you could share your internet with your friends and family. These 3G WiFi data cards could support up to a maximum number of 10 devices.

There are a number of 3G WiFi data cards present in the Indian  market by Airtel, Vodafone and Tata Docomo, but the downside side of these 3G Dongles is that they are locked. Due to which you cannot use any other network sim in that dongle. So we compiled a list of best 3G WiFi data cards available online which are universal which means you could use any of SIM of any network operator which works better in your area.

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Best 3G WiFi Data cards

Huawei E303F 3G Data Card with Soft Wi-Fi

Huawei E303F 3g data card is an entry-level dongle from Huawei. Huawei is a known  name for networking devices. You could simply connect this dongle to your laptop and enjoy high-speed data access. It supports EDGE, GPRS And HSDPA up to 14.4 Mbps. It also has the voice call and SMS support. As it is priced at only Rs. 1150 it does not act as complete WiFi dongle. It has soft WiFi feature which lets you convert your laptop into a portable hotspot and share the dongle internet connection.

best 3g wifi data cards

Features of Huawei E303F 3G Data Card 

  1. HSDPA 14.4Mbps
  2. Soft Wi-Fi
  3. Supports Up to 32 GB MicroSD Card
  4. Voice Call ans SMS Support
  5. HSDPA and HSUPA Support

Huawei E8231 Data Card

This 3G WiFi data card could connect to a no of 10 devices just by plugging into the USB adapter or laptop. It has a maximum speed of HSDPA 21.6Mbps. You need to buy external USB adaptor or you could use your mobile charger adapter. It supports latest WiFi technology IEEE 802.11b/g/n. Including all these features, it also has a mobile app to manage the WiFi hotspot directly from your mobile. its priced online at Rs. 1745

best 3g wifi data cards

Features of  Huawei E8231

  1. WiFi Hotspot-10Devices
  2. HSPA+21.6Mbps D/L and HSUPA 5.76Mbps
  3. Mobile Wi-Fi App
  4. Plug and Play
  5. SMS Support

Huawei E5220s-1 Data Card 

If you are a frequent traveller and need to be connected to the internet every time. Then the Huawei E5220s-1 Data Card with 1150mAh battery is best for you which could give you 4hrs of internet and 200H of Standby time. It includes all the features of the above two 3G WiFi data cards like connection up to 10 devices and maximum 21.6Mbps D/L speed. It also has  One Touch Connection to start you data card



Features of Huawei E5220s-1 Data Card

  1. One Touch Connection
  2. 1150mAh battery with 4H Working and 200H Standby
  3. Wi-Fi Hotspot Up to 10 Devices
  4. Mobile Wi-Fi App
  5. HSPA+21.6Mbps D/L and HSUPA 5.76Mbps
  6. SMS Support

These are some of the best 3G WiFi data cards available online. Now choose the one from the three according to your need. I would suggest you if you occasionally use your WiFi then go with the first dongle but if you are a regular user and need complete plug and play then use the second Huawei dongle. If you need WiFi for your travelling needs then the go for the third one which is powered by a battery which could give you more than 4 hours of WiFi.

If you have any query regarding these devices or any other data card feel free to comment below. Your comments and suggestions are valuable to us. 


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