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Harpreet Singh

I am Harpreet Singh Baath a part-time blogger from India and currently pursuing Computer Science Engineering from an esteemed institute at Punjab, India. I have a deep love for latest gadgets and software.

How to Create Your Own Google Chrome Theme

Google Chrome offers a large variety of themes and extensions at its Chrome Web Store for customizing and increasing productivity.  But did you know you could also make your own custom theme with your wallpaper, colour scheme and fonts? Google Chrome is the Most popular browser used by …

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Update Facebook Status via any device

Don’t have an iPhone 5s, but still want to update your Facebook status via iPhone 5s. Yeah, that sounds really awesome. You could update Facebook status via any device e.g. via iPhone 5s, galaxy s4, Xperia Z, BlackBerry, Whatsapp, microwave and many more devices. You don’t need to buy …

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